Mariëlle Videler (NL, 1970) is a visual artist working project-based in Amsterdam and on location. Her work has been exhibited in art-initiatives, galleries, museums and festivals throughout the world. She studied at the Academy for Visual Art in Tilburg; her final work chosen to be exhibited at the Institute Neérlandais/Paris. She graduated in 2003 from the fine art department of the Sandberg Institute (MFA) in Amsterdam. After graduation she exhibited in China (Today Art Museum, Beijing), Turkey (Sinopale International Biennale), Brazil (MASP, Galeria Vermelho, Sâo Paulo) and Curaçao (Instituto Buena Bista). In 2004 she founded Performance Lab; a platform for experimenting with live-art, running up to 2012. The Dutch Mondrian Fund generously supports Mariëlle Videler’s work. She is being represented by Lumen Travo Gallery.
Photo: George Stoekenbroek