installation, AIR exhibition, CBK ZO, Amsterdam

The installation consists of a wall drawing 43.99 meters by 77.5 centimeters; vase with reed.

With freshly cut reed pens and Indian ink I have been drawing long horizontal surfaces on the exhibition walls of the CBK. I had chosen for a clean continuous composition of various traditional plaiting, in which regularity is challenged by the unpredictability of the cut reed. All lenghts added together form a total surface of 34.09 square meters, filled with a dazzling amount of ink lines and a grid of pencil dots. The number 34.09 is a green standard; the number of square meters 'green' that should be available in Dutch towns and villages for each resident to ensure the quality of life, wellbeing and health (Nota Ruimte, VROM, 2004).Through the artistic use of my body, the force and limitation on putting thousands of dots and dashes, I want to relate myself to this green standard. The imperfection of the lines is the result of drawing with reed and the position of the human body facing the wall.

Image: work in progress

Thanks to nature association ‘De Ruige Hof.