Serie of five actions
presented at VERBO 2010, Galeria Vermelho, Sâo Paulo, Brazil

is about the time prior to that what is coming, preparations for an intense encounter or an enigmatic action. Situations; research models to which a man subjects himself. It is a series of five performances in which I examine the quest for physical and spiritual beauty and power. The performances are reproductions of my archive that I change with minimal intervention. The series opened with the performance 'Kore – made in China' in 2008 that I realized for the occasion of the international performance festival ‘Something Raw’ in Amsterdam (NL). Each performance lasted exactly one hour and was performed by a preselected group of ten participants. The audience was invited to walk around freely during the performance and became participants, being taken up in the physically created time zone.


Performers: Marcela Salzstein, Renato Gannito, Gabriela Santos, Caio César de Andrade Costa, Leandro Costa, Andrez Lean Ghizz, Tatiana Abitante, Gabriela Gehrke, Leticia Schiavotelli Perroud and João Cabelo.


Supported by
: Galeria Vermelho and Mondriaan Foundation

Thanks to: Macos Gallon, Gabriel Zimbardi, the people from Galeria Vermelho who helped me
to prepaire the space, Rose Akras, and the performers.