Photo: Thijs Wolzak


Artist House

installation, solo exhibition, Lumen Travo Gallery, site-specific in Amsterdam-East

The installation consists of 4.000 liter potting compost, everyday objects, existing and new work, and projects in development like the textile work Women of the Soil, that Mariëlle Videler has have been on working since 2016.

After a research period in Bogotá, Colombia, Mariëlle Videler was again rudely confronted with our culture, with our system and habits: individualism, progress, luxury, potting compost for your terrace, seeds as waste, manual work as something that you contract out or banish as a matter of course. It was a fertile substrate for a new installation, in her own home: Artist House.

Thanks to City District of Amsterdam East, Mondriaan Fund and Thijs Wolzak.