Bell Horizonte, Brasil


Museum Floor Travel


Museum Floor Travel

The work is based on the desire to make, ad random and in a constant flow, a series of direct, small and playful performances that all last one minute.
A gambling structure, with an infinite number of possible performances, for a group of at least twenty participants. The participants, to be recognized via the yellow armband, work in pairs and are by turn performer and assistant. All starts with a line from where each performer one after another starts by picking up four cards. Each card represents one element out of the categories: time, object, sound and space. With, to the cards matching, objects on a yellow tray the two walk to the marked spaces in the museum and present a performance. In this way an ongoing series of performances on different spots, and moments take place and in the light of torches. Again after each performance every couple takes four new cards and so it continues till Mariëlle Videler ends it.

Museum Floor Travel was for the first time realized in Beijing, China (2008) and in 2009 presented at MIP2 by CEIA (Center of Experimentation and Information in Art) in Bell Horizonte, Brasil.
The performance was presented, in collaboration with 14 selected artists as a result of a two week performance workshop, in a big industrial building in the centre of the city.

Event: MIP2, CEIA, Bell Horizonte, Brasil

Thanks to : all the participants and Lucas Hill

Support: Mondriaan Foundation, CEIA, MIP2







Carolina Santos
Fabiola Tasca
Flavia Coelho
Isaque Ribeiro
Leticia Grandinetti
Maria Buzelin
Marcelle Louzada
Maria Eugenia Repoles
Nina Yuen
Patricia Viso
Paulo Nazareth
Renata Lacerda
Tales Bedeschi

Museum Floor Travel