The Good, The Bad and The Seeds

ject, part of project The Good, The Bad and The Seeds,
artist-in-residence program, Mondriaan Fund, FLORA ars+natura, Bogotá, Colombia

teel, laser cut drawing
size 73 x 8 cm

According to the dictionary, the word machete is the diminutive of the Latin word masculus (man). Mariëlle Videler bought the machete in a small boat supermarket along the Rio Orinoco on the border with Venezuela. The object evokes images of violence and at the same time it is a normal tool for local people. One morning Videler saw a group of men mowing the grass in Remanso, Guainía, with their machete. Without a machete you cannot walk through the dense jungle. Once back in Bogotá, Videler drew a leaf pattern and lasered it on the machete.

Blog project - research, work process and other works: http://www.mariellevideler.nl/seeds/