Tinder Touch

Tinder Touch
2007 / 2010

with installation; drawings, textile, screen print, video and performance.

The project Tinder Touch is inspired on the way a Tinder fungi grows; a frayed underground network, almost invisible but very strong. It may become noticeable when fruiting. This way of growing gave me the idea to make a work that infiltrates in peoples lives. I write a letter and ask for a wasted do favourite piece of cloth. I sew an exact copy of the cloth in a pencil grey fabric. The fabric was developed during the research period, I silk screen-printed hundred meters of textile with minuscule small glass pearls forming a reflecting pattern; a network. By copying the personal cloths I create a collection of uniform grey cloths, with very diverse forms. A new group grows; to be recognized via its reflection at night and with flashlight.

Inspired on Thoreau, who wrote in his book Walden (1854) about his residence in a cottage in distant nature, I worked secluded in an installation during the project Tinder Touch. The detachable installation, which functioned as a map for the concept, was presented in four different art spaces. Entering the dark space via a nightingale floor you saw plants, graphical drawn, on a large scale. Video projections, portrays, in which people perform a primitive movement in there ‘new’ clothes. A sewing machine with unravelled clothes and an archive of the stories connected to them. As with tinder: a frayed underground network from which incidental a new fruit grows.






Details installation, video still and worktable

Tinder Touch locations :
Kaunas Biennial, Lithuania, 2009
De Veemvloer, Amsterdam, 2008
De Cacaofabriek, Helmond, 2008
De Overslag, Eindhoven, 2007
(Part of Dutch Design Week)
De Verschijning, Tilburg, 2007

Supported by : Fonds BKVB, 3M and Textileworkshop Rietveld Academie.