2017 - 2018

solo show, Kennedy Van der Laan, Amsterdam

The exhibition includes more than 1.000 hand cut leaves, two costumes, a letter, performances and a selection from the pencil drawings collection The Good, The Bad and The Seeds (2016).

1.110 leaves from different trees and some bushes pinned in a grid around the space. Out of each leave I cutted out a word; a feeling or an emotion.
For example: exuberant, angry, still, strong, whimsical, eager, enchanted, hurt, proud, connected, enthusiastic, moved, foolish, calm, diligent, bewilderd.

Size total wall piece: lengt 27.59 meter, height 1.92 meter.

Letter / exhibition text: download in pdf (994 KB - NL)


Green sculpture: Krijn de Koning