Bird Bath
2019 - ongoing

project, microclimate on balcony and solo exhibition

Works created during the project:
Three models for a bird bath; composed of baths, grass, bush, seeds, colours, viewpoints… visited by sparrows, great tits, blue tits, blackbirds, a single jay, magpies and starlings. Video and photo titled Foxtail Millet.

Bird Bath, exhibited by Lumen Travo Gallery, is based on a simple question, based on a desire to connect with birds.
What makes a bird's heart beat faster? How to study small birds in the urban environment?
Mariële Videler created a microclimate on her balcony, with a drip shower, seeds, colours, viewpoints. Three models for a Bird Bath were presented in the front room of Lumen Travo Gallery, alongside an object from the collection of the Amsterdam Museum: a historic scale model of an animal fountain. By the end of the 19th century the Sophia Society for the protection of Animals installed this cast iron fountain at 15 different locations in Amsterdam.

The work Foxtail Millet is a translation of the 'duet between the birds and the artist'. A textile printed photo, almost three meters high, of Videler's torso, hanging upside down and completely covered with golden yellow millet.



Bird Bath
2019 - 2020

Video fragment. Filmed with wildlife camera, hidden in a bush at the microclimate.


bird bath
concrete, wood, wire, tube, tap and water
size H 38 X W 36 X W 38 CM