Enter into office hours

performance, Foundation for Art and Culture Gelderland, Arnhem
duration 8 hours

For the performance Enter into office hours Mariëlle Videler had taken her place in the server room of the Foundation for Art and Culture Gelderland. Above the floor she was sitting on a chair, mounted between two racks. At this spot she tore her yellow page from the exhibition catalogue (edition 1000). The light dictated the rhythm of her performance that she had connected to a timer. As soon as the small room was overexposed for sixteen seconds, she took a book from the shelf to her right, looked up the page, tore it out, dropped the page on the floor, closed the book, and placed the book in the shelf to the left of her. The sound of the operation was recorded with a microphone, transported through the building via the server cabling and transmitted via small boxes in the various rooms.

Photos: Natasja van Geel