project and banner

Dimensions banner 1.25 x 0.75m

For HUMUS #2, FIREWOOD, a group of people gathered in a small nature reserve in the southeast of Amsterdam. A fire ritual was performed as the sun reached its highest point: zenith. The group then walked through the suburbs, through narrow green outskirts, to the center of the city. A banner was carried on a long bamboo stick as a 'guide'. The banner is based on an imaginary organism drawn by Mariëlle Videler and made of multiple layers of fabric.
HUMUS is a nomadic initiative that focuses on awakening new stories, collectivity and exchange. HUMUS started in 2019 and was first presented in 2020 in collaboration with composer Jacob Lekkerkerker. Together they wrote a series of 12 stories: HUMUS. To empathize themselves with a houseplant and a worm, they descended into an empty space in the city center of Amsterdam. For this space they made HUMUS #1; a soundscape, a model, an animated film, and set out to infuse the space with images and sounds.