project and installation, Het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark, Amsterdam

The installation consists of objects, drawings, scale model houses, video and performances
Dimensions main space 12 x 12 m
Porch frontdoor, textile, 3.75 x 1.70 m

HIDRELLEZ is a project which Mariëlle Videler created for the exhibition space Het Glazen Huis at the Amstelpark in Amsterdam. Originally the park is constructed for the world horticultural exhibition in 1972 and Het Glazen Huis is one of the remaining pavilions. A very transparent pavilion, where the plants of the park mix with the works inside. The opportunistic concept of the horticultural exhibition reminded her of gecekundo; illegally built houses in the city which she had seen during a work period in Istanbul, Turkey. New citizens, coming from the countryside to look for work, construct these houses during the night. They are built with found construction materials. In the same period Mariëlle Videler got to know the traditional feast Hidrellez, it is said that the wishes you make on this day will come true. The way to give form to your dream house is to make a model. The houses in the exhibition HIDRELLEZ where made in collaboration with the childern from school De Ark and De Sint Barbaraschool in Amsterdam.

Performances Rose Akras and Cindy Moorman
Video collaboration with Maurice Bogaert

Support ZET Foundation, Stadgenoot, Praxis and het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst