Performance Lab was a platform for experimenting with live art; trajectories for exploration, use and examination of the human body. It is the brainchild of Mariëlle Videler and was initiated in 2004. Her aim was to meet and bring together artists and audience within the world as a stage.

Performance Art
Initially, Performance Lab consisted of monthly encounters in Amsterdam between artists from various disciplines, focusing on experiments with performance and performative situations in different locations. The focus was on social interaction, group dynamics and experiments. These monthly experimental encounters logically evolved into Performance Lab_open to the public, with experiments becoming performances before the viewers' eyes. This happened for example with 'Superabundans' in 2006, presented in the Desmet Studios, Amsterdam and in 2008 with the serie 'PLAY I t/m IV' in the public space of Enschede. In addition, Mariëlle Videler tried to lend a broader meaning to Performance Lab's conception, giving workshops intended for the general public as well as professionals and accessible presentations about performance art.