Photo: Tilmann Meyer Faje






project, site-specific in Amsterdam East

Distribution of 1.000 TOOLS-coins. Two-euro coins with a screen print exchanged for regular two-euro coins.

TOOLS started as an artistic research project, intrigued by the ideology of the artist and socialist William Morris (1834-1896) and his ideas on craft, nature and simple life, Mariëlle Videler began to make a series of drawings that are related with the legacy of Morris. By drawing she explored her own neighbourhood for connections with his concept. During the next step she scaled and mixed the drawings so they would fit on a two-euro coin and after that screen-printed the drawings with two colours. Using a hammer and a wad punch - an old hand tool intended for producing small leather washers- she hit the miniatures out of sticker paper and pasted them on two-euro coins. The end result consists of 117 different miniatures, in an edition of 1000. The TOOLS-coins where exchanged for a regular two-euro coin.

The launch of TOOLS took place at district office East in Amsterdam. The TOOLS-coins were available, with a guide, in exchange to the intrinsic value of their carrier, two euro.