Take me where it hurts

Installation consisting of 31 objects, two poles and a sound piece

mix of different fabrics, yarn, tape, textile ink, clothes hangers, bamboo, concrete
w 8.75 x d 5.70 x h 2.12 m

wooden poles, fabric, steel, w 0.50 x d 0.50 x h 2.73 m

The installation emerged from the Reconstructing the Senses project. Year after year she started the day with a drawing: in the rhythm of the daily ritual act she connected with birds, plants and insects. From this flow of images, Mariëlle developed a new large-scale and at the same time fragile installation: Take me where it hurts. After watching the Japanese animation NAUSICAÄ - of the valley of the wind - (1984) in which powerful insects guard a poisonous jungle Mariëlle Videler fantasized about creating a group of imaginary organisms. Her guides might help solve contemporary climatic dilemmas and threats.

In pencil she sketched a series of imaginary organisms that are reminiscent of plants, insects and single-celled organisms. After that she developed her sketches into 31 large, almost flat, and at the same time layered shapes. They are cut from a mix of fabrics and almost entirly covered with a rhythmic pattern of her fingerprints in a composition of different shades of green for every organism. The textile silhouettes bordered with brown yarn, hang on metal coat hangers at the top of long bamboo poles. Each stick is inserted diagonally into a conical concrete shape, causing the organisms to lean slightly forward and appear to move.

Walking around the installation you see that the back, the back shields, are made of contrasting glossy dark green agricultural tarpaulin and identically lined with silk fringes and purple ribbon. Further on in the room are two diagonally placed long poles covered with purple fabric, where you can listen to the story Green (2020).