The Good, The Bad and The Seeds

, part of project The Good, The Bad and The Seeds,
artist-in-residence program, Mondriaan Fund, FLORA ars+natura, Bogotá, Colombia

floor installation, embroidered cotton floor-cloths, 80 pieces, full size 3.60 x 4.44 m

object, s
teel, laser cut drawing
size 73 x 8 cm

The exhibition’s centerpiece, a floor installation titeld Women of the Soil, covers the entire surface of the space. Each floor-cloth is embroidered by Mariëlle Videler with a unique pattern drawn from the many hikes she made in the Colombian Andes. Visitor are invited to walk on the floor installation. Three objects, a machete and two sticks, are placed on the surrounding walls. According to the dictionary, the word machete is the diminutive of the Latin word masculus (man). The machete was bought in a small boat supermarket along the Rio Orinoco on the border with Venezuela. Without a machete you cannot walk through the dense jungle. Once back in Bogotá, she drew a leaf pattern and lasered it on the machete.

Blog project: http://www.mariellevideler.nl/seeds/