Tinder Touch
2007- 2010

project and installation, De Verschijning Tilburg (2007), Dutch Design Week De Overslag Eindhoven (2007), De Cacaofabriek Helmond (2008),
De Veemvloer Amsterdam (2008) and Kaunas Biennial Lithuania (2009)

The installation consists of drawings, textile and video and performance.

Entering the dark space via a nightingale floor, torches illuminate the path of white stones, you see plant drawings on a large scale. Video projections in which people perform a minimalistic movement following a light that is projected on their clothes. A sewing machine with unraveled clothes and an archive of personal stories connected to these items. Inspired on the book Walden (1854) written by Thoreau about his residence in a cottage in distant nature, Mariëlle Videler developed this detachable installation. It was presented in five different art spaces, where she worked each time for a month following a conscientious schedule.

Fascinated by the way a Tinder fungus grows; a frayed underground network, which produces fruit bodies, Mariëlle Videler wanted to create a work that infiltrates in peoples lives. In a letter to different people she asked for their wasted yet favorite piece of clothing. After unstitching it she sew an exact copy of the cloth in a special pencil grey fabric. The fabric was developed during the research period, she had screen-printed hundred meters of textile with minuscule small glass pearls forming a reflecting pattern; a network. By copying the personal items she created a collection of uniform grey cloths, with very diverse forms. A new growing group: to be recognized via its reflection at night and with flashlight.

Supported by : Mondriaan Fund, 3M and Textileworkshop Rietveld Academie.





Installation view, Tinder Touch, De Veemvloer, Amsterdam, 2008


Video still, Tinder Touch, 2008
Installation view, Tinder Touch, De Overslag, Eindhoven, 2007
Video still, Tinder Touch, 2008
Photo: Maarten van Loosbroek
Installation detail, Tinder Touch, De Cacaofabriek, Helmond, 2008