Winter Sleep

installation, solo exhibition, Expoplu, Nijmegen
5.000 butterflies made of plastic waste and presentation of Onça Pintada

For the exhibition Winter Sleep Mariëlle Videler made a new installation of 5.000 butterflies from plastic waste. Together with her neighbours and friends she collected many kilos of plastic waste. The butterflies were swarmed on the walls with needles, as if they were wintering in the space. The colours of the butterflies are white, black, pink, green and orange. The same colours are used in the work Onça Pintada, which she created in São Paulo in 2012. The jaguar with the car cover was parked half through the wall in a cut-out silhouette. In the entrance room she showed the pattern drawings that she made to create the car cover. On the last day of the exhibition, Ineke Holtwijk (writer and journalist) gave a lecture. Her book Smoke Signals (2006), the story of eleven unkown Brazilian Indigenous people and their first contact with our society, was an important source of inspiration for Videler.