From 2004 till 2012 Performance Lab initiated projects. For each project a different group of artists was invited to work under the eye of the public, within a given context and period of time. The focus was on social interaction, group dynamics, experimentation and possible audience participation. The projects were developed in collaboration with art institutions, artists' initiatives, festivals, and other organizations.


Public space, Amsterdam & Nijmegen

The title of the series 'Conlang' comes from the collective name for artificial languages, languages designed for the use in fiction works, like for example 'Klingon' in Star Trek. In Performance Lab's Conlang language is adressed as a sign, a carrier of message, a system that connects people and at the same time shuts people out.
Participating artists: Özlem Altin, BMB con., Jacob Lekkerkerker, Elke Veltman, Mariëlle Videler, Osterholt & Uitentuis, Danielle Lemaire, Francine Claassen and Tilmann Meyer-Faje and Thierry Mandon.

Supported by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oost & Extrapool.

Performance Lab archive
a selection of some projects:

Public space, Enschede

With a series of performances Performance Lab activated for the first time the Culture Mile of Enschede.
Participating artists: Anno Dijkstra, Maurice Bogaeert & Mathijs Lieshout, Peter Fengler, Mariëlle Videler, Pauline de Groot (ism Alied Izurueta, Aharona Israel, Jaap Flier, Thomas Körtvélyessy), Nina Boas & Marieke Coppens, Monali Meher, Toine Horvers, Francesca Grilli, en Zhana Ivanova.

Supported by Board of Enschede and SKOR.

The Miraculous Yellow Objects
MIP2, Bell Horizonte, Brazil

An event developed exclusive for MIP2 on the invitation of CEIA (Center of Experimentation and Information in Art) in Bell Horizonte. The performance was presented in a big industrial building in the centre of the city, a yellow / miraculous route along installations and performances. A result of a two week performance workshop by Mariëlle Videler with 14 selected artists.

Supported by the Mondriaan Fund


Art Pie, art fair 6, Amsterdam

For Art Pie Performance Lab created a concept structured like a game. Eleven artists were invited to participate in this game, each creating an intimate one-on-one performance.
Participating artists: Mathijs Lieshout, Simone Hooymans, Pauline Fokkelman, Francine Claassen, Rose Akras, Toine Horvers, Peter Baren, Anka Witkowska, Anouk Bax, Geertje Tjalma, Serge Lammerts.

Supported by: Art Pie


The sheer pleasure of working together, interaction and intuition were the important ingredients of Performance Lab.

Thanks to partners:
SKOR, CEIA / Brasil, Gemeente Enschede, Rijksmuseum Twente, W139, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, ArtEZ, SIGN, Extrapool, Gemeente Amsterdam Stadsdeel Oost, Station Amsterdam Amstel, Jaap Eden IJsbanen, Willem Dreeshuis, Ondernemers Beukenplein, Desmet Studio, The One Minutes Foundation, Van Gogh Museum, KunstVlaai, Lazy Marie Foundation, AKV STJOOST, MR Motley art magazine, Stad als Theater, Museum Het Domein.

* special thanks to all the artists who participated in Performance Lab: your energy is magical