2017 - 2018

installation, solo show, Kennedy Van der Laan, Amsterdam

The exhibition includes more than 1.110 hand cut leaves, two costumes, a letter, performances and a selection from the pencil drawings collection The Good, The Bad and The Seeds. Dimensions wall piece: L 27.59 m x H 1.92 m

The installation bOOm - also the Dutch word for 'tree' - was made especially for the exhibition space of Kennedy Van der Laan. More than thousand leaves were collected during long walks Mariëlle Videler made in the National Park Zuid-Kennemerland. Half of the amount was picked from oak trees, symbols of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge, the other leaves were selected from different trees such as poplar and plane and some bushes. In each tree leaf she cut out a word, a feeling or an emotion. For example: exuberant, angry, still, strong, whimsical, eager, enchanted, hurt, proud, connected, enthusiastic, moved, foolish, calm, diligent, bewilder. All the leaves were dried, coated and pinned in a grid around the entire space.

green sculpture: Krijn de Koning