Photo: Lesly Adu



dimensions: baskets about 60 x 40 cm, poster 42 x 29 cm

FIRE IIC* is the title of a project created by Mariëlle Videler, a collaboration with a group of Surinamese - Dutch women (IKIHI WODINDHE). On the invitation of CBK Zuidoost they created an art work for city district Amsterdam-Zuidoost. During a series of meetings in the tropical greenhouse of the Hortus Botanicus they spoke about the history and culture of the first people of Suriname. Together they questioned which elements from these cultures inspire them and how they could to share this spark. This led to the idea to light a big fire on the Anton de Komplein (square named after Surinamese resistance fighter). From mainly found and secondhand materials they knotted and weaved back baskets. They took a long walk through the dunes and forest area to gather wood. With this wood FIRE IIC was lit during the Museum Night.

*IIC: Imagined Indigenous Community (ILO 169)